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  4. keizh


    You have to link your discord profile on the forums in your account profile settings.
  5. https://kinogo2.eu https://kinogo2.zone
  6. Can someone please invite me to the discord? I literally can't join it for some reason? [email protected]
  7. We have re-sellers that re-sells the cheat by PayPal. I don't know if they have it in stock tho. You'll have to contact them on discord and ask them.
  8. Would like to buy a month of the Apex ESP hack but have never used Bitcoin and even after reading/watching tutorials I'm still unsure and uneasy about the process of how to do it properly. I use PayPal for another cheat on another site and was wondering if that will return as a payment method on here?
  9. Earlier
  10. The Apex cheat is undetected but it's down currently due to a game update.
  11. We can't give out any eta as of now.
  12. I saw somewhere that the r6 cheat is being recoded and if so any eta?
  13. Hello. May I if the cheat is still undetected? Thanks
  14. Via email. Sent it right to me once payment went through. It was an easy thing to set up to. Biggest thing when you do start running it is turning off your normal security. If not, it won't start up at all. The other issue that stumped me for awhile because sometimes I don't use anything I learn from computers is that it was a .rar file. My computer didn't have a zip application to open it. I just went onto the app store and downloaded it and it works perfectly. Just an FYI if you run into the issue where it won't open.
  15. That's good to hear. Is it instant, like the code appears on Shoppy right after or is it via email?
  16. I actually just literally bought this not even half an hour ago. Sent the code immediately once payment went through!
  17. So I'm looking at purchasing an Apex code using the PayPal method. I'm assuming that using this method means purchasing it from a reseller. How secure is this and how can I guarantee I will get this code? Currently looking at the seller I see 37 codes available but no feedback or reviews from anyone.
  18. Life would be much easier if I had the source code. 


  19. When does the r6 program start selling again?
  20. The cheats doesn't come with an including spoofer, you'd have to purchase one aside purchasing the cheat.
  21. Does Apex include spoofer or something? As soon as i go on apex and play i get banned without cheats so i was wondering if apex legends includes a spoofer.
  22. There's no ETA that can be given at the current time.
  23. Any sort of timeline for when rainbow 6 will be recoded?
  24. I have no idea, message him and ask him: https://shoppy.gg/@Zeus89/query 🙂
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