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  4. @KERNELsaid "should be online again" any1 can connect ?
  5. jbx


    I don't even care if that would have excluded me at least it wouldn't mean anyone can roll in and get it.
  6. jbx


    It honestly shouldn't even be public. I wish he would set a Tier 2 group for cheats like that and you can get it after you've been a customer for a while.
  7. apex server is down right now, you cant purchasing apex cheat
  8. Im trying to buy APEX cheat from Lavi with Paypal but at this moment the store is offline, there is any other option for me to get the loader and pay it even if is in testing mode?
  9. Last week
  10. I cant really share much. the status I can see as a customer is: "EFT Cheat Status: FINAL TESTING"
  11. I have been checking the status on the Tarkov cheat daily lol I'm waiting I wanna cheat so badddddddddddd
  12. Looking forward to the finished product too ! Good luck with testing !!
  13. AshScrub


    Amazing cheat! I know there was a recent ban wave but Kernel really does care about his customers and he goes above and beyond to ensure safety. The customer support is by far the best ive seen. The r6 cheat has everything you would want and need in a cheat. The aimbot and esp are spot on. Plus you can make as many clips as you want and become a hell of a youtuber or streamer if wanted. Just an all around great deal for such a low price.
  14. Empty because all products currently down They are working on update for R6, Apex and EFT As soon as the update is done, you can access the store again Check here : https://kernelcheats.to/board/status/
  15. Hello, Im trying to buy, but the store page for me is blank and empty. Is there any other store link?
  16. Good luck with the testing. Looking forward to the finished product, have heard great things. Always happy to help with testing in the future. Have many accounts and setup computers. Happy testing and coding! You can close this topic now as I believe it has been all answered.
  17. Valara

    EFT - Kernel Gopnik

    Looks Amazing, can't wait for this to release
  18. Guessing no where to sign up? It's just random people they pick and choose?
  19. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys 🙂
  20. We have choosen some close friends and a few customers to test the EFT and R6S Cheat. Currently both cheats are undetected and no bans happend. On tuesday we will pick more customers to contribute in the testing phase. *DONT PM ME ASKING FOR TESTACCESS*
  21. Will it be officially released tomorrow
  22. No its still in testing right now
  23. Not that much but yeah I miss playing eft and hyped for the new hack to be released
  24. Apparently, not yet Pwwczl 🙂
  25. Anybody else here refreshing constantly multiple times a day, to see if the ETA for the cheats has gone down ?.. I CANT WAIT!! Big props to the devs for taking their time and making such a fantastic cheat. You guys are awesome.
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