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  3. There's no ETA and probably won't be one that's not the way we go.
  4. Never i think. This is a dead side. And @ last most of sides stop selling R6 hacks. I dont know any good side for R6 to hack. Even Proofcore stopped coding in R6. Dont know what happend after the last BE update.....
  5. keizh


    The cheat is down.
  6. KeBalt


    Hi, I bought the hack like 3 weeks ago. Everything went fine and its working decent. Annoying that it cant save your settings (like range, etc.) Im not playing ranked at all so I always have the spectator count. I used the smooth setting and never used the aimbot while somone was spectating. And when I did it was set to "chest" most of the time. Yesterday I was unable to connect to a match. It went right back to the title screen "Client banned"... Are you sure its not discovered yet? I did everything as stated in the guide, uninstalled Anticheat and so on.
  7. Anybody know when the hack will be back available?
  8. Earlier
  9. We currently do not offer a HWID Spoofer and probably won't in the nearest future. Zeus has to fix that, nothing I can fix.
  10. I want to use a spoofer.. and also paypal purchase is brokenw
  11. keizh


    Open a support ticket about the issue. You will get compensated for all the trouble 🙂
  12. Hello, I had bought a month of apex about 1 years ago. I left the discord after using the Apex cheat. I come back for a new adventure, I took 1 month apex via Paypal to Zeus89. For 24 hours I haven't had an email with the key or any indication to download the cheat ... I don't remember the procedure since I no longer have the discord. I need permission to see the invite link. Can you help me ? Cordially.
  13. keizh


    We currently do not offer any HWID Spoofer.
  14. Hi would I need a spoofer also thanx
  15. It's updated yes and we don't offer any kind of trials at all.
  16. Hey Is Apex updated in July 2020? Is there any kind of free trial, even for a couple of hours? I don't mind paying but I'd like to try first. Thanks
  17. I'm most certain that you have to purchase one of our cheats and connect your discord with your forum account 🙂
  18. Hey can I get an invite to the Discord please?
  19. Yes the cheat is outdated as of it's current state.
  20. It's on the top of the website but the cheat is outdated as of now.
  21. Hi Keizh, appreciate your work. "cheat is outdated" = Does that mean we cannot use it currently for Apex since a cheat update is required? Just asking because I cannot find this info somewhere else. I will buy it as soon as it's working again. Thanks!
  22. Hey guys.. i've bought the cheetos may i ask you where is the download link
  23. Are you trying to purchase via PayPal? and also the cheat is outdated as of now so If you want to buy it you can't use it until it's been updated (lost time will get compensated) 🙂
  24. how do i get a 1 month key if theres none in stock?
  25. It's not that he refuses to answer, it's just that he doesn't have the time as of now and can you really call it being active when he just updated the Apex cheat and just stated it in the forums that's not what I would call being "active". I would suggest you to not downgrade I would suggest you to reinstall your whole Windows to either the 1903 or 1909 version.
  26. if i downgrade every version will give me this error, kernel refuses to awnser be even tho he been active both here and on forums..
  27. The cheat isn't supporting the 2004 Windows Version, afaik only 1903-1909 is supported.
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