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  4. Review after 1 month of use ESP-8/10 Aimbot-9/10 Detection-none ESP-Kernel is using 2d boxes for esp and its a little bit of tricky to know exact location of enemy sometimes i get confused whether the enemy is behind the wall or in room but overall its a nice hack and i used many types of hacks and the one thing i understand is that "you can use all features in hack and get banned in 2 days or you use minimal features like esp and aimbot only and you can play on one account for so long, i used this cheat in 3 different accounts and none of them are banned yet. Aimbot-it all depends on your settings and in game senstivity BSOD problem- i was using window ver 1903 and 1909 and my inject ratio was 3/10 and then i reinstalled window to 1809 ver and now its working like a charm Tips for bsod problem- Clear %temp% clear temp(windows) clear prefetch redownload the loader and try again and if you are still getting bsod problem you can try replacing these files in %temp% ntkrnlmp.pdb win32kbase.pdb win32kfull.pdb dxgkrnl.pdb dxgmms2.pdb ntknlmp.pdb
  5. Very beautiful video, I'm finishing mine too, congratulations !!
  6. Rainbow Six Siege New Cinematic video Gameplay "Dark Days" | Kernel Hacks/Cheats | @Norton @Dump @kernel @MadTec
  7. I think we should have access to the Shoutbox even if our product has expired. I can't seem to see the status anymore. I'm aware of the status page but it's kind of outdated
  8. Last week
  9. Apex only comes back when it is 100% complete, administrators are testing and fixing bugs, at that time the status is at 85% and everyone will be compensated as the rules say!
  10. I need my compensation. I bought a month key and then it got detected.
  11. What is the status on Apex Legends?? When is it coming back??
  12. So I went into the discord server to ask when the cheat would be updated and I was kicked from the discord and my login did not work anymore. Can someone help me please.
  13. Looks like it's closed now. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Do you guys have resellers? Theres some fishy post on ElitePvP using your screen shots with completely different prices. Just thought I would let you guys know, <3
  15. The new theme is super beautiful, I loved it, it combines very well with KC, congratulations for the work !!!
  16. Norton

  17. Ferdi


    Hello iam new and i dont know what to do i want to buy cheat and in forum right side is says paypal accepted? but if i will buy R6S i only can make bitcoin =(( need help. can only make with paypal
  18. No, the cheat not detected. Maybe ur spoofer is detected.
  19. Not detected, but most of the spoofers are detected. ESP for me is working.
  20. my 6 accs are not banned some other providers detected
  21. Is the ESP working for you?
  22. its up and working
  23. Is this update to date now or still now? status says up to date for r6
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