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  1. Hello everyone. it’s the first time I write a review for a cheat so please be cool with me and my English (i’m FR si i do my best lol). So I was looking for a decent cheat for Apex Legends, traveled on different website to find a trusted provider and I decided to give a try to KC. I bought a first month even if the price is high, I prefer to pay more, first for the time spent to develop this software and in the seconde time, to be « safe » regarding to anti cheat system. I’ve been unable to try this cheat for a month because I had BSOD every time I was trying to inject. Staff and Kernel himself helped me a lot but the last solution was to reinstall windows and it finally worked. They accepted to « refund » me by extending my subtime for a month while it wasn’t their fault if I had some windows issue. This is the first good point for KC. About the cheat itself, 9/10, very very very easy to use, configure, and the most simple you could find. Aimbot works as intended, have some FPS drop sometimes but it should be due to fullscreen optimization which have to be turned off. 9/10 due to FPS drop ^^ ESP is pretty good too but the 2D box moves strangely sometimes. 9/10 too. The most important part for me is the undetected status. As mentioned on this website, it’s still undetected since the release. Just don’t be too obvious to prevent players’ reports and you’ll be fine. 10/10 Final part is about the support team. As some of us known. There had an inactivity period last month I think. I understand you guys have a life like everyone, but you have customers too and you cannot let them here without any answer. We are are to support you for your hard work and to keep your cheat alive by subscribing (paying) and « reward » you for the time spent to develop your software and improve it. Btw, it was my own review, and the only one I write about a cheat. It’s only positive and i’m Really satisfied about your product. Continue this way guys, you’re amazing ?
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