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  1. lol, im just sayin look at that smoothing on "OFF"
  2. yeah, this blacksector has had my new alt goin for 2+ hours (now im sleeeeeeepy), well time to get an hwid reset later today. not right now tho Update: its been a couple of hours and normally id be banned when i click "continue" to get to the lobby, this is not the case :D. 2nd edit: blacksector and KC can be used at the sametime, works perfectly.
  3. if i used blacksector, is it possible to launch the loader then spoof? or spoof then launch/hwid reset...
  4. Honestly this is one of the best hacks i have used when it comes to the aimbot close range/medium range. Can actually use the Wingman on head w/ 0 smooth and two shot people. medium range doesnt work as well. The longbow is also great with no smoothing. The esp BOX itself is something godlike in my opinion, shows people crouching too which is amazing. I recently switched from another provider which became detected but this one seems very secure from the external module and how it loads before origin. I do have a few suggestions: 1. Esp box is hard to view when you're colorblind and everyone is running around. Would like to see changeable ESP color for box/Shield/health/distance. I think shield/health should have is colored bar below the player box esp then have the distance in meters above them. Also the border of the esp box could be thinned out a little bit so that you can more-easily see players at long distance inside the box without visibility check. 2. No visibility check (yeah i get that this is a security feature) Just have to play smart. 3. Smoothaim doesnt work very well at close range. No smoothing the aimbot looks great at close range and locks on hard. 4. Cant get hack to load sometimes, the menu will just NOT show up until i restart the computer 2-3 times after a while. 5. Sometimes the menu will not disappear when hitting insert, it just closes the system tab in the menu. 6. Noticed some FPS issues when massive amount of esp near me. Even though i have suggestions this is one of the most legit hacks i have used.
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