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  1. Excuse Me, is there any updated infos for APEX Status? Yeah in Status Tab it says undetected but would be nice if there is a Video Proof too
  2. @Geskem Still can't find how to do it on BTC , I mean like if you are using CC , how about Debit? Same one? and which site do you recommend like to convert our money to btc + wallet .. Sorry don't much know about BTC payments
  3. Yeah maybe Low FOV , and High Smooth .. So High Smooth means zero? .. Been while checking Kernelcheats but :C saving up
  4. Yeah they spectating us. I hope soon there is video from other perspective, just wanna know how they see us ._. Hopefully soon there is
  5. Maybe the title clearly tell what I'm asking. But still I want to know how they see us on action? Maybe someone could tell/help explain Thank you
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