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  1. Keko88

    Apex Review

    So I have been using this Hack for about 2 Weeks and it has been pretty good overall. Aimbot So the aimbot is pretty solid and works as intended. The only problem I’m having is the customization. A lot of times 20 % smoothness is too much and 15% isn’t enough. You can’t really get a value in-between (as far as i know) Same with the Radius. I would like a value somewhere between 100 and 50 but that isn’t possible. The prediction is pretty good and works as intended. Rest is also fine nothing to complain there. ESP The ESP itself is solid and works great. Boxes are working nicely and it doesn’t glitch out or anything. But the problem I’m having is the Visuals... If you enable everything on the ESP its a shitfest. Your screen will be filled with Text and color. Its really disorientating. I end up only enabling 2D boxes and Distance... the rest clutters the screen too much. Would be great to have the HP /Shield as a bar on the side of the Box and maybe dial down the font cause as it is now (at least for me) I’m not able to play with more than one of the infos on. Performance Once Injected the cheat works fine and is stable. I had no crashed or anything else. FPS is also fine the performance hit is minimal. I’m having 2 problems though. The eject button is on delete which seems pretty dumb cause i sometimes press it because i want to enter something in chat which freezes the whole game and then i loose the round. I think it would be way better to have it on some F button like f8 or maybe on a num key cause right now it’s easy to hit it accidentally. My second problem is the Ins button. Sometimes the hack injects just fine but when i press Ins to hide the menu it just switched between the ESP /Aimbot and wont disappear. I then have to restart the whole game which is kind of annoying. Not sure what causes this bug. Setup Extremely easy and straight forward. Had no problems at all. Security I have only been using it for 2 Weeks but there were absolutely no problems. I will update this when i have been using it for a longer time. I received a ban but this was not because of the cheat and rather because of a mistake on my end with a HWID changer from another provider i had running in the background. Price The Price is completely justified for the things you get. No complain there. Overall the cheat is very nice and worth a look.