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  1. Winner @Glopsy , dm me your insta profile.
  2. Hello to all, i would like to support this community with first - user giveaway. Hope it is legal here ? Just reply that you are in or something like that, winner will be picked after 5 days from now. Note: winner will send me his instagram link and his profile needs to be public
  3. Hey guys i am curious what do you think which rust you like more ?
  4. Thats true, price is good and seems quality of cheat too.
  5. Thanks for your honest review, i ll think about apex too. Currently i am waiting for rust ?
  6. Tyrion

    R6S gameplay

    Thats dope cheat. Good job
  7. Hey guys, i am interested in rust lifetime sub , will you make it? Also when we can expect releasing the cheat?
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