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  1. please make this happen seems rust has been in dev for to long i mean i see hardly any one playing rust so idk
  2. Ain’t 10% smooth raging ? I tried and it really locks kinda hard maybe cuz I have movement prediction and bullet prediction on ?
  3. I agree they really need to make it to where it does not track through walls a big no no and also still aims at knocked players not cool
  4. ban per report is difficult ? im sorry i dont understand that forgive me
  5. damn did you have full aim-bot lock or what lol ?ownage and u was playing rank risky
  6. Ok Yes I forgot I could do that I can try
  7. I have a spoofer that requires cpu virtualization to be turned on in bios causing it to be like a virtual machine not to sure how it works but Ive tried to use cheats before but it would say cant use on a virtual machine am i able to use your aim-bot loader on a virtual machine because the spoofer i use requires that it run off that
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