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  1. Thanks for keeping us update why dont we get to have access to chatbox to stay updated with you guys ? im willing to buy kernal cheat anyways when it comes back to normal and i get my compensation anyway but we deserve to see chatbox atleast to stay updated cuz it wont matter since we r getting compensation too
  2. YEA HE txt me like couple months ago when i just subscribed to kernalcheats but all i told him was that the hack was good and everything is smooth and he never said anything anymore but i guess hes a bit weird like u mentioned
  3. First of all im happy its back and its back in the right time time too “solos” my acc was banned on 23rd july before my expiration and i still wanna buy another month but could i get my compensation? sry if im rushing i just havent played apex since ban and i cant wait @kernel your the man
  4. ALSO A custom key to activate the aim rather than the fixed ones Lmouse or Rmouse or ALT etc..
  5. yea i know about blizzard being one of the toughest anti cheat and i know since 2003 been playing warcraft tft till today and they call it warden or so but im pretty sure the programmers here can always find a way. as for pubg why do u think its dying ? it has lot of traffic though
  6. have u guys considered pubg or cod anytime in near future? cuz that would be awesome !!!
  7. Ever got reported ? Cuz they can see you smoking them in the smoke cloud
  8. nevermind i figured it out thanks guys works perfect
  9. hello i just paid for apex hack and now how do i get the app ? edit now i found it and it works perfect !
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