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  1. Yes we also accept crypto voucher. If you got a code then send us over PM. @valknut
  2. Norton

    Apex 1903

    Yes its working with Windows 10 1903.
  3. Yes the loader binds to the first PC you start the loader on. As long as it is not too frequent we do offer free HWID resets.
  4. Cheat is currently down for update
  5. Why should we or anyone contact you?
  6. Thank you for the feedback 🙂
  7. thanks for your video
  8. We dont offer a HWId Spoofer but you can buy from blacksector (10€/m), kedira or Lavi.
  9. Our apex cheat cost 50€ per month. It looks like you got HWID banned so you would need to get a HWID Spoofer. Blacksector cost 10€ per month. After you paid you will gain immediately access.
  10. Hello, we put a new theme on the forum which is selectable for customers. Select KernelCheats BETA V2 for the new one. Please leave feedback here if you like it or not. Best Regards, KC
  11. We wont do that. Here are videos of the cheat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckAfPsdkn6c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2iDixs3WPI
  12. You can PM me and we can do it manually. I will then send you the address.
  13. Norton

    Discord Giveaway

    Hello, we started a giveaway on our Discord. If you are a customer and want to participate join our Discord: https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/discord/invite/general/ We and our community are active here 🙂 Best Regards, KernelCheats Team
  14. If you set your aimbot legit (low FOV, high smooth) spectator wont notice. We got no plans to to make a video showing other perspectives.
  15. Do you mean when they spectate you? If so, in R6S its pretty visible when you use aimbot. In Apex its more "laggy" and less obvious. (like in early days of PUBG)
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