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  1. Chill Bro it takes as long it needs but yes you will recive a compensations.
  2. Hello Shadow, 1. Yes it is safe for now, i play legit with esp and high smooth aimbot and have no ban yet. 2. Never since cheat release yet.
  3. Still down for testing. Stock will most likely come back once the testing is finished and the status is updated.
  4. ETFLI


    Hey, yes we dont have a visual check.
  5. I can only give you a feedback from my phone becouse I'm in vacation. The new design is a little bit confusing for my phone I think. Here is a screenshot:
  6. I’m a big apex fan, I initially joined KernelCheats to get my hands on the Apex cheat, now that I got the cheat I can happily say that I am pleased with what I've got. Usability/Functionality The cheat is super simple to use. It has a really clean menu with a simple design and easy to use. You aren't confused about what the functions do. Another thing I find really amazing about the cheat is that it's stream- and recording proof. This is a huge advantage if you're ever caught being a too obvious with your cheat, and some people maybe ask you to screen share your screen etc. - then you can screenshare without them seeing your ESP. This is also really cool, if you're a streamer on a daily basis. Security Now the security is TOP-NOTCH , i've been using this cheat for almost a 3 days now, never had ANY signs of issues regarding the security with the cheat. Just keep in mind that though this cheat is really secure, getting BANNED is ALWAYS a possibilty if you blatantly aimbot!! But a solid 10/10 for now. ESP The ESP never fail really so I would give it around 9/10 on a scale because it works really good but idk in my opinion something is missing but I can't say what. theres sometime stuttering or lagging in the ESP but its okay. Aimbot The Aimbot is also good. I don't really like external hacks but this one is great. Nothing much to say about the aimbot it's easy to configure and working good 8/10 would ban Kappa Conclusion This cheat is one of my favourites i've had my hands on, it's just overall so well-made, and i would STRONGLY recommend this cheat, to anyone who is considering to purchase it, i've had so much fun using this cheat and would definitely buy this again, this cheat from Kernel deserves a really impressive 10/10.
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