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  1. Just not trying to get TK'd.... I'm as obvious as they come. Next video will be more obvious ?
  2. Got the oppertunity to test Kernelcheats' Rainbow Six Siege and it was a blast! Recorded/merged/edited a few clips I've captured while enjoying this wonderful masterpiece. Hope you guys like it! Music Used: Maduk - Colours (ft. Diamond Eyes)
  3. As appreciation I made this video... It's raw gameplay of the aimbot at max settings & esp on bare minimum (only distance & head esp enabled). Music: 00:00 DC Breaks - Breathe (feat. Dave Gibson) 02:48 Metrik - Chasing Sunrise (feat. Elisabeth Troy) 06:51 Muffler - Uplifter
  4. I like it. The bar on the left is annoying, but I'll manage around it.