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  1. I wouldn’t buy via virvox scince the fees are just to high. coinbase fees are just 3-5% virvox fees are up to 15% also you can easily manage your wallet there and it’s esthetically more pleasing. regards BloomingDay
  2. Does the cheat have VisCheck?
  3. Closing would be an better option so that others can still somehow find their way here and get the info. But I dont know how they want to handle their threads and user request on those yet. regards
  4. Wait till they release it. You can check every day for the "out of stock" button to turn into a "purchase" button. regards
  5. No. You can just check the specific pages every day. If there is an update on a certain topic they will post it.
  6. If this community stays lowkey the developers aren't going to make the same amount of money as if they would become big. Well this is something the Admins have to decide but a small userbase always feels more personal. At least for me. But im full of exiement for the release. regards, BD
  7. You can just click the "follow" button above the first post