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  1. So the first 50-ish injections I got a BSoD (after following all the steps listed on the download post). I then did additional checks to make sure it wasn't a memory error or anything like that and did the opposite of the steps listed on the post, it then worked. My first few games were a little rough going from cheating with full body chams/glow outlines etc. to only having a box (and head box), but once I got the hang of it I was fragging with ease. I didn't once get called out for cheating or anything of the sort (my highest kill game was 18 kills - all of them looked legitimate). The boxes are rather unreliable when in drones or cameras (when dead), but this isn't a big issue at all. I haven't tried any options in the aim tab, so I won't comment on them, but from videos they do seem 'locky' and since I'm trying to play somewhat legit (my own raw aim) it didn't seem like a good idea to experiment. Plus there was an update for the game, which put me off trying out the aim settings. In conclusion, I would recommend kernal cheats to other people looking for a reliable R6 cheat and I will more than likely be making videos with the cheat soon-ish (https://youtube.com/c/saddest). I would like to see more visual options (chams/glow mainly) if they're possible to add.
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