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  1. Some one told be you'd get HWID ban after 2 or 3 bans... Don't know if this is true... I started using a Spoofer... make sure you inject before spoof
  2. --EDIT-- 11 23 19 Aimbot 04/10 I tried aimbot. This hack is external right? With out visibility detection it is EXTREMELY dangerous to use. Your aim will keep following the moving target through the wall. Biggest problem is, the screen SHAKES when you use it. Makes it too obvious on kill cams. The overlay works fine most of the time, but sometimes it will start flickering and then it won't stop. Changing the System settings does help. Works best for me with low MS settings(example 1 MS update, etc) ... ----------------------------------------- Aimbot - I don't use ESP - 10/10 I was having BSOD problems. I ALL services from msconfig (excluded microsoft services) I also removed all apps from startup(no exception) Works like a charm now ! Please add HWID reset button on website. People will be happy to pay $5 bucks for HWID reset vs waiting. --- EDIT --- It is working now.
  3. Good afternoon. Has the R6S hack ever been detected? Jw. THank You
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