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  1. I got it. Messaged you back.
  2. Haha that should be plenty. Add me on discord jxtn#1990
  3. I meant aim by the way I messed up my wording. I’m at work only halfway paying attention.
  4. To fix that, lower dpi and everything in windows and increase in-game sensitivity
  5. What key are you using. If you want to shoot with mouse4, you have to choose mouse 5 in options. If you want to shoot with mouse 5, choose 6. Set fov and turn on the draw radius to see what box you have to be in. While in spawn aim at enemy esp box and hold aim key. If your sensitivity is really low in game the mouse may drag very slowly.
  6. Rust is so fun to cheat in. If you can do it and actually get away with it for a while it would be even better.