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  1. For me its not. Because i have good aim and even friends who play with me all my life didint notice that iam using cheats. And that is true to.
  2. *** THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION *** Review About Apex Legends cheat By Kernel Using cheat one week now and i like its not perfect but its very good if you want more kills/wins and still look legit this cheat can help you with that. My Settings playing Apex was and for now is : ESP always off , AIMbOt on locked on Chest with 200 dist and radius , switch off , smooth 10% , ignore knocked on , bullet drop off and movement predic off. Playing like this for one week now all time with friends who dont know i am cheating so i think its works fine atleast for me to look legit. Review : ESP: 9/10 I simply dont use it to look more legit i just use aimBot. But rating it for 9/10 because of others KC users saying it is very good. AimBot: 8/10 Why? Because AimBot Tracks people through walls it is big minus for people who wants to play on stream and look legit , but overall aim works perfect shots lands very good. Security: 10/10 Playing for one week no bans yet. Don't be raging and u will be fine to. Overall Cheat is in good state now but there is some points that needs to be fixed for example making Kernel Cheat run Full Screen mode sounds great? Lets hope this will be included on next update I will Update this if anything will change with this cheat. LAST UPDATE on post 2019/10/28 Happy cheating friends!
  3. He means that reported players takes months to ban fastest ban you can get if game detects ur cheat.
  4. FOUND THE SOLIUTION DELETE PLS sorry for new topic