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  1. you should know that there could always be some oficial from ea or respawn or eac to ban accounts on here
  2. the apex cheat doesnt work at all rn.
  3. a better question would be, why no oficcial answered anything yet
  4. Yo, i've been away for a few months now. I wanted to buy it and just saw "testing" as the status. How long will is aprox take till' its back on?
  5. why are so many people looking in my review lol
  6. any plans to support it in the future ?
  7. If you are using „ESL WIRE“, the following data will be collected: General information: - Email address - ESL ID and nickname - ESL match information (Match ID, match time) - MAC address - Operating system - Hardware ID as a hash - Windows uptime - Local time of the PC - Process log (hash and path information) - Internet access information (IP, RWIN, MTU) - PC hardware - Bandwidth Match and Lobby chat information - User statistics - Chat log Game data: - Game path - Checksum and size of executable file (.exe) of game - Speech setup of the game - Process information of the game (start parameters, process ID) - Configuration files of game (contents, path, read only (yes/no)) - Contents of game directory - Time of start and end of each match - Match frequency
  8. Does it support ESL wire ?
  9. i cant update my review, i cant edit my post. :(
  10. Here's my own answer: -In europe daytime it takes less than 2h. - In europe night time it can get up to 10h.
  11. Movement Prediction - The aimbot predicts the enemies movements, and shoots where he's going at Bullet Prediction - The aimbot predicts the falldown and time to hit the target No Switch - You lock on one target, if some1 walks by, you stay on that target
  12. The aimbot is not fantastic, but it's good. 5/10 You can choose the "FOV", smoothness, bullet & movement prediction and locking on. The aimbot on short range is extremely strong, but on the other side, its is nearly impossible to hit enemies on long range with this cheat. The prediction doesnt work properly. I would expect more from a cheat with a price like that. I personally would like to see VisCheck and Recoil-compensation. But nontheless, the aimbot is still very good! The cheat might need some work, it was just released recently. The ESP overall is good, it does it's job. 9/10 You are able to see the enemies health, distance and boxes if you want to. So, theres not much to say about the ESP, its simple and good. The ESP for me didn't cause any performance issues and works smooth af. The only thing i would like to see, is Bone-ESP. This section will be updated soon! The Support is fun talk with, hehe 8/10 But now let's get back, the support is good, they respond with helpful information. Aside of that, the community here helped me alot too! Special thanks to @Dump @Norton But still, sometimes the KC-Staff is not online/sleeping, which caused meto wait about 8 hours. Ok it's end time! The cheat completely meets my personal requirements! Im happy that i decided to try this cheat and i will continue my sub for sure! I know that cheats need some time to be the greatest. Im always getting like 15+ kills, hehe! Thanks for reading my review, this review will be updated every week! Now be kind and leave me a like (press the heart at the bottom right)^^ Ya Boi! MeatClaver
  13. Bloodhound, becasue i can see enemies through everything. i think he will not be my main for long 😄
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