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  1. If you are Apex, then the compensation right now won't matter because Kernel took the Apex cheat offline again, because a staff member's test account was banned. They will add extra compensation when the cheat goes back up after 10 days testing as Kernel mentioned. Since you guys don't have no more sub time, you guys can't see the chatbox anymore, but this is what Kernel said: "We are gonna test at least 10 days now since they usually ban on the 7th + day. We felt safe after 7 days and decided to go online again and unfortunately our test accounts received bans on the 8th day. Testing multiple builds on several machines with no menu, empty hook, no hook etc. so we exactly know what's causing all the hassle."
  2. It usually takes 15 or so minutes if you pay with bitcoin, and from the looks of it, it looks like you already got activated so you should be good to go now. Just go to the R6S downloader page and follow the instructions and download. Here's a short guide I did for the features that also includes some tips as well. https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/topic/410-kcs-r6s-cheat-features-explanations-and-tips/ R6S just had an update though, so it won't work until the admin gets back on to update it. He will post in the chatbox when it is good to go again.
  3. You were not blocked. The Discord was banned a few days ago and a new one was just created. The chatbox was disabled for non-customers.
  4. Thanks for the returning. 🙂 By the way, if you pay with BTC, it is auto activation, they don't need to do anything on their end. It just depends on your bitcoin provider for how long it takes to go through and get verified. 🙂 It usually takes 15-30 minutes and sometimes less depending.
  5. Hey buddy, the Apex cheat is back up and online again. 🙂
  6. They still haven't made one yet. It will probably be announced when it goes back up.
  7. Discord was banned. They'll make a new one soon. 🙂
  8. To make things easier on yourself, you could just go through a reseller as well. That way you can use card/Paypal and whatnot. It will make your life easier. https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/topic/32-we-now-accept-paypal/
  9. If you paid with BTC, it is instant activation after 15 or so minutes. It can be faster than that too. It just depends on your bitcoin provider. Just check back every 5 or so minutes. Your name will change color and same with your role. One thing to note, R6S just had an update today so the hack is currently not working. It will inject, but the features will not work since the offsets have changed as it usually does when the update hits. We're going to have to wait until Kernel gets back on to update it.
  10. It's only for customers as of right now. I'm sure it will go back up for everyone again when Apex gets released again. Kernel said it would be released today or tomorrow so we can only hope.
  11. There was no ETA, but Kernel did recently mention that it should be going up soon, so there's some hope there.
  12. There isn't really a thread like that, but if you Watch this thread, I don't mind posting in it and tagging you so you get the notification, if you would like. I mean, when it does go back up.
  13. There is no ETA yet, but it will be announced when it is up and running again.
  14. I would check with the resellers at this link. https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/topic/32-we-now-accept-paypal/ They do Paypal, but they could potentially do other methods too. Just ask them to see the options.
  15. Still down for testing. Stock will most likely come back once the testing is finished and the status is updated.
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