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  1. 1. Distance - the game is so short range nothing over 100m is needed, works great. 10/10 2. Show distance - great option when you're in those close range battles unsure of what corners to peek. 9/10 3. Show team - never used this feature other than one time and it clutters my screen too much. Just personal opinion. 4. 2D ESP Box - works well for the most part, except in the beginning of the game when you are droning. Otherwise the ESP works flawlessly for me most of the time except when I have dual monitors plugged in and the esp will show up on my secondary screen and cause fps lag. 8/10 5. Show head - THIS FEATURE IS GREAT IN RB6S, lets you know there head position when they are prone, peaking, or crouching or shoulder peeking. 10/10 6. Show Health - This is a feature I never use, it seems to clutter up the ESP For me too much so i cant give an honest opinion on that. The TTK in rb6s is so low I just leave it disabled. The aimbot has some great basic features, Obviously some could use some work but here is my opinions on them. I would give it a 7/10 1. Bone Scan - works great on head when it works. Cant seem to get tummy/chest to work at all. 6/10 2. Interchangable Aimkey - great feature, especially since i can use m5/m6 or capslocks or alt. (I use Caps) 10/10 3. Aimbot FOV - works well when set above 50px for me. Otherwise it just seems to not work sometimes. 7/10 4. DRAW RADIUS - Wont leave any comments about draw radius since I do not use this feature. You can turn it on and see what area the aimbot will lock onto. 5. Aimbot distance - seems to work fine at 100m default range. Havent messed around with this setting. 10/10 6. Smoothing - works great, looks legit even with 0%-5% smoothing for most instances if you can get 50fov/PX to work. 7/10 7. No switch - great feature, prevents your aimbot from switching targets until you release the aimkey. Very much a must in rb6s. Great feature. 10/10 All in all, this is the rb6s hack to get if you can get it through BTC. Even then its still worth getting through a reseller. Would rate 7/10 until features/bugs are fixed. Most of all this hack is:
  2. lets get some battlestations going and see what everyones setup looks like ?
  3. The new template looks great guys! Only issues i have is viewing it on my phone also.