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  1. If anyone here plays US servers lets get a group together. Just add me on the discord in my signature.
  2. jbx


    I don't even care if that would have excluded me at least it wouldn't mean anyone can roll in and get it.
  3. jbx


    It honestly shouldn't even be public. I wish he would set a Tier 2 group for cheats like that and you can get it after you've been a customer for a while.
  4. It was delayed, but I ended up HWID banned in EFT. I dunno how I dodged the R6 HWID ban still. I was banned multiple times in that game with different cheats. I bought a new SSD and will be following the evasion guide today before reinstalling EFT.
  5. I've been banned a few times with other cheats on BE games and am not HWID banned. I don't recommend spoofing unless you absolutely have to. BE is pretty good at catching spoofers and the ones that you pay for, you might as well just buy a new drive and take less risk.
  6. #1 Rule of cheating: You are accepting the risk of a potential ban when you decide to cheat. The specifics do not matter. A ban is a ban and it sucks equally. There are ways to minimize risk of a manual ban and put plainly, don't do inhuman things. I've been cheating for a long time and I've gone for long periods of being undetected but one thing is certain. Someday, somehow you will get caught if you continue to do it. I don't know anyone who's cheated for 10 years and haven't been banned. I know people that will probably lie and say they have, but that is unrealistic. If Kernel made his own cheats and didn't sell a single copy I bet it would last very long.. but it still infinitely increases his risk of a ban compared to not cheating at all. If you commit to cheating, you have to get over the fear of a ban and enjoy it while it lasts. If you cheat in fear, you will never fully enjoy the experience.
  7. Skin unlock in R6 is nice, but no point in adding risk to a good cheat.
  8. Keep this undetected streak going this cheat is amazing 😄
  9. Yeah I'd have to agree with Norton. I've been using Kernel since the end of June 2019 and the only reason that I've been banned was a spoofer. The cheat and all of it's users were fine and I wiped about 5 accounts in 1 sitting because I used a spoofer as a precaution to avoid a HWID ban. It was not worth it, you only add risk by doing that. I wouldn't recommend a spoofer unless you absolutely need one to be able to play.
  10. 1. No, your computer will not block the hack. I've been using it with no issue of false-positives 2. No, you will not get your money back. You cheat, you run the risk of being banned. 3. Purchase here: https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/store/category/2-r6s/
  11. They could name it Moron Welfare and it's not made for the game.. just so happens to work on it.
  12. I play NA East usually, but am open to NA West and EU as well. It really doesn't matter to me I just like cheating in the game.
  13. jbx

    R6S Legit Gameplay

    Pretty cool clips ?