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  1. Before u start the game and uplay and steam should never run while injecting . open rainbow without cheat then change fullscreen to borderless , close r6 , steam and uplay , inject , open game should work
  2. Aimlock on RMOUSE , 100px and then 0 smooth ? looks so obv if i use this settings 600 dpi 15 15 50 i play with LMOUSE and 20 Smooth cache 30ms . if u lower it will lock fast
  3. Using KC for 6 Months almost every Day and no Ban . I got 6 Accounts and use 4 of them active all Accs Plat 2 and higher ESP + Legit Aimbot and ofc Legit Playstyle
  4. my 6 accs are not banned some other providers detected
  5. unex


    Borderless and 144hz is no Problem . If its not working for u change it in the GameSettings.ini> Amateur
  6. 6 Accs and no ban since 1 Month and a few Days Aimbot is very legit and if u play with ESP u should know the Game
  7. Dosent make sens if u use it on level 100 acc or level 1 acc