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  1. Norton


    Yes it works with AMD. Some months as of today.
  2. Norton


    You got automatically upgraded. You can access the loader over here:
  3. EFT to APEX or R6S is possible 🙂
  4. Download the game again and try for 24 hours. If you dont get banned you can play legit or with cheat 🙂
  5. PayPal for EFT is closed for the next 1-3 days. 😕
  6. PayPal for EFT is closed for the next 1-3 days. 😕
  7. It is pretty suitable for legit playing.
  8. We recommend to use the lastest windows version. Also there might be issues with patched OS.
  10. We are pretty optimized. It will lower your FPS by a bit but not halve it. You can edit the render settings of the ESP with our cheat 🙂
  11. Right now PayPal is temporarily closed, but will be available again within some hours 🙂
  12. Will ask the reseller if he wants to handle the lifetime payments. But like said, the price will be a bit higher than that to our shop.
  13. For which cheat? EFT, Apex or R6S? Might be possible but you would be cheaper with purchasing BTC. For PayPal you need to consider a 20% fee for the reseller.