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  1. Hey! Right now our cheat is only available to current customers. It will be for sale very soon 🙂
  2. Online & undetected for current customers, but not for sale.
  5. Norton


    The cheat is online since some weeks but not for sale right now. Once its for sale we will make a announcement.
  6. We dont sell any 15 day subscriptions. Security is our main priority. We want to keep the community small. You can purchase 1 month with BTC for 75 €.
  7. Thank you very much 🙂
  8. Nope we cant charge you another month. This only shows what you need to pay if you want to renew the next month 🙂
  9. You need to be patient. The payment needs around 30 minutes got get confirmed by the bitcoin network. We have no control over that.
  10. We only give support in english. About your questions (translated): We only support Bitcoin. After payment you get your subscription on your account.
  11. You purchased for the account @Jeff Kuo. Please sign into that account.