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  1. Wait for some admin, only they can change your password !!
  2. @BruizehPls You will enjoy yes, I hope! If you want to play with me just tell me in private chat and I will send my nickname, as soon as you buy, you get the right to join the discord KC, so you can communicate / play with us ❤️
  3. I have been using KC-R6S for 6 months now, on my main level 210 account, I have never had bans or anything like that, you can trust, ❤️ knots from the KC community we always help Beginners, the community is very active, you can see it in the review area. ( ) Trailer KC: My vids using KC: 1- Click me --> LEGIT 🤠 2- Click me --> LEGIT 🤠 3- Click me --> RAGE 😈
  4. MrVroux

    Trailer KernelCheats

    My simple video I made in my free time to introduce KernelCheats to people !! Thanks if you watched and liked. Hope you like it!! ❤️
  5. Very beautiful video, I'm finishing mine too, congratulations !!
  6. The new theme is super beautiful, I loved it, it combines very well with KC, congratulations for the work !!!
  7. You will probably have to buy every month, I don't think you have an auto renew option, but you can buy lifetime so you don't have to be buying every month!
  8. If you want to buy click -> Click ME if nothing appears in store, contact some ADMIN to give you the most support. Or -> APEX (click me) -> R6S (click me)
  9. If you want to buy click -> Click ME if nothing appears in store, contact some ADMIN to give you the most support. @iamnoniemo
  10. Create a topic in the SUPPORT (<-click) tab of the forum to be more private, or send a message to some ADMIN!
  11. Wow what a nice edition, congratulations!
  12. Review By: Vroux EN: I use since the new release, with me there was no type of ban because I play legit / rage, do not use spoofer or similar. I love to use and have a lot of fun playing, besides that the KC community is one of the best, always helped me in some mistake I had. ************** PT: Eu uso desdo novo lançamento, comigo nao ocorreu nenhum tipo de banimento pois eu jogo legit/rage, nao uso spoofer nem da parecido. Gosto bastante de usar e me divirto muito jogando, fora que a comunidade KC é uma das melhores, sempre me ajudaram em algum erro que tive. ************** Aimbot: 8/10 UI: 10/10 ESP: 10/10 ************** My vid using KC: (APEX) -> Click Me 😈 -> Click Me 🤠