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  1. No, the cheat not detected. Maybe ur spoofer is detected.
  2. You can buy it by reseller. They offer paypal. https://kernelcheats.to/board/index.php?/topic/32-we-now-accept-paypal/
  3. We make invincible team with this awesome kc cheats. We can play casual as fun and rank to goal high tier like plat and even dia. I'm seas,eas,wja server playing who interest to make team just post. my discord wilson9269 #9274 and uplay name is afkeonvlkejl
  4. I just bought r6 kernel cheat by reseller Requiem. But I don't know anything. So can anyone help me plz where can I download my cheat file and updated one? site only have APEX loader download options in top menu and how can I inject my cheat? thx for reading