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  1. Discount for lifetime purchase is possible after a monthly sub.
  2. It works on Steam and UPlay
  3. You can expect monthly and lifetime subs. NO ETA
  4. You would have to request a HWID reset everytime you switch your PC.
  5. Yes we did a huge update it should hit almost all of your shots now.
  6. 1) We dropped the slot system when we reduced the price to 50€. It does not even make a huge difference, we are still undetected since release (February 2019) 2) No 3) You can only play in fullscreen borderless mode
  7. No, but i think it could work. You just have to try.
  9. Could you try it again and report back please?
  10. I have been tweaking our Reverse Engineering Protection. Does it work better now? Which GPU are you using?