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  1. zabres


    The cheats only work on Windows operating systems (Windows 10, to be exact). Everyone has varying performances depending on their actual computer and Windows versions, so that part may vary. I think the general consensus is that it works best on 1809 and 1903 though. I personally have used the cheats on both and have had the same results, but I am still on 1809 due to various other programs I use. Someone I know doesn't have UEFI and is still able to use it, so I think you should be fine. It could affect other things though, so I can't speak on that portion though.
  2. You might want to check with Lavi on that. It looks like the Paypal page changed a bit from what I remember. Just shoot him a message on Discord and he will be able to fill you in more on the details.
  3. I would recommend private messaging the admins and/or creating a support ticket in asking. It's not in their shop, but they can sometimes work a deal with you personally. The admins are: @Norton, @Dump and @kernel.
  4. It actually takes your Discord photo and uses it as the profile photo. You can find that setting here:
  5. I haven't had any FPS issues in general, and same with some others, but there could possibly be a chance too since this is a kernel/driver based cheat so different computer's means different performances. There is also some settings in the cheat that can help with potential performance issues which sometimes fixes people's problems as well. There isn't a no recoil feature for the cheat. All of the features can be found here. The box ESP already goes around the whole enemy model so you don't need to worry about that. Name ESP is also available.
  6. Yeah, if you bought it with Lavi, then you're going to need to work it out with him.
  7. It's still in testing status right now, but we should hear an official statement soon. It is actually online as of right now, but the status is unknown so it is use it at your own risk kind of deal. Usually they leave it like this for a bit to make sure the bypass is working correctly. Once these checks and tests go the way the want for a certain duration of days, then they will mark it back as safe and UD again.
  8. The change in hook method was not due to detection risks, but just more so to make it easier for other users to get the cheat to actually inject. It won't increase the risk of detection so you don't need to worry about that. Honestly, 1809 seems to look like it works best, but 1903 works just fine as well. I have used both versions just fine but I prefer 1809 because I have other applications that work better on that version in general.
  9. Looks like it's closed now. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.
  10. If you bought from the reseller, then you need to work it out with him since he is the one that will supply you with what you need. I think he's still online on Discord. Just shoot him a message on Discord.
  11. Yes, there are still monthly keys. You gotta go to the store to purchase.
  12. You got to go to the store.
  13. You already got your access since everything is automated if you pay with bitcoin. There is also a Discord link on the menu which should let you login and get a role in the process.
  14. Zabres 29 USA Food: Anything that tastes good. Not picky. | Games: Games with a lot of movement and that are fast-paced.
  15. There's no ETA, but it should be getting closer to release since the status is currently at 97%. I don't think the product is slotted anymore, but anything could change when it officially gets released too. It wasn't slotted back then so I think it might not, but who knows. We'll just have to wait and see. ?