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  1. plan only on one monitor the cheat doesnt support dual monitor for now and play on borderless and for your flashing problem make the render cache 1 ms
  2. Bss is not working R6, i heard people getting banned using bss @Abunna
  3. i know but it looks unprofeesional and anyways i am going to dispose this account so it doesnt matter bdw thanks for your feedback 🙂
  4. Review after 1 month of use ESP-8/10 Aimbot-9/10 Detection-none ESP-Kernel is using 2d boxes for esp and its a little bit of tricky to know exact location of enemy sometimes i get confused whether the enemy is behind the wall or in room but overall its a nice hack and i used many types of hacks and the one thing i understand is that "you can use all features in hack and get banned in 2 days or you use minimal features like esp and aimbot only and you can play on one account for so long, i used this cheat in 3 different accounts and none of them are banned yet. Aimbot-it all depends on your settings and in game senstivity BSOD problem- i was using window ver 1903 and 1909 and my inject ratio was 3/10 and then i reinstalled window to 1809 ver and now its working like a charm Tips for bsod problem- Clear %temp% clear temp(windows) clear prefetch redownload the loader and try again and if you are still getting bsod problem you can try replacing these files in %temp% ntkrnlmp.pdb win32kbase.pdb win32kfull.pdb dxgkrnl.pdb dxgmms2.pdb ntknlmp.pdb
  5. Rainbow Six Siege New Cinematic video Gameplay "Dark Days" | Kernel Hacks/Cheats | @Norton @Dump @kernel @MadTec
  6. wait for 24 hours and you will get your download section on forum page
  7. i paid for r6 cheats using bitcoin and i have completed my transaction and it says invoice has been paid on purchase page but in store orders its says pending ? can anyone tell me what should i do next ?