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  1. I would like to remind everyone that the Status Box changes in response to new updates so they can update the cheat to keep it undetected. Kernel cannot be expected to know when BE are going to drop an unexpected unannounced update which is apparently what happened. I can understand the frustration however these risks are fundamentally outlined when you cheat in a game. The status box represents the cheat when it was last updated. (Online & Undetected) and at the current moment, it does not represent what could happen in the future. No cheat is U/D forever, bans come hand in hand with cheating. You accepted the risk when you injected the cheat, if you used it for a small amount of time then that's just unfortunate. Maybe you can open a ticket to see if you can get a game swap but as stated, these are virtual products that are not refundable after use.
  2. No I'm a boy with the name Samantha I promise 😧 monkaS
  3. Name: Samantha Age: 19 Country: Russia, Veliky Novgorod Food: Italian 🤤 Games: R6S, Apex, anything competitive
  4. Open a Support Ticket and one of the Administrators will get back to you. EFT is currently only accepting BTC payments. Try using Skrill as it might be easier.
  5. To remain undetected during your cheating endeavours, try to look as legitimate as possible. I use the Rainbow Six cheat and have held a high rank while using cheats for about 5 months without being banned. Be smart with the cheats, don't do inhuman things, don't try and show off too much. If someone gets the jump on you, let it happen rather than use your aimbot/walls to win that fight because it will look suspicious to the other player. In EFT, I would suggest play the game like you would without cheats, don't just run into missions and spray down everyone, loot and leave because you will eventually be caught, take it slow and take precautions like you would legitimately. It helps if you have some degree of skill at the game, too. For me; playing rainbow six siege against low level players who are cheating is completely obvious, they have no game sense, no awareness or positioning, no cross-hair placement yet hit every head shot. I try and play like I imagine people are constantly watching, I don't aim blatantly through walls or prefire every corner, I take my time and try my best to look as legit as possible. This works. It's as simple as that. Try and not farm stats, if you have a 25 K/D the devs will eventually know something is up. People underestimate game dev teams, I know from experience by working for a couple that their are entire teams dedicated to snooping out hackers who manage to get past the Anti-Cheat by keeping an eye on stats, watching replays etc. R6S, for example have a flagging system that will flag your account if suddenly start doing really good and your K/D or Win Ratio spikes up that not a lot of people know about. It's also about sacrifices. If you know you can probably hit an amazing inhuman shot using your aimbot, as tempting as it might be, don't do it. Put yourself in the mind of the other person, if someone killed you that way, would you report him? And as Jbx said above. You will be caught eventually if you continue to cheat, it's inevitable. The goal is to last as long as you can without being caught. I recommend not playing on a main account you would be sad about if you lost. Research tips and tricks and try and learn the game like you would playing it legitimately, watch videos and streams to learn from better players, I watch R6S pro games and take away from that to see what else I could be doing to make myself look less like a mediocre player with cheats, to looking like a great player who's aim and game sense is just natural. Edit; To avoid getting banned by the Anti-Cheat. Please, if the game ever updates. Always come and check the status above the chat box here. - The game update could have added a new anti-cheat procedure that Kernel needs to investigate, if it's a very recent update. Wait for the devs to say its okay to play. I cant stress how many times I've been banned using an old cheat after the game updated without me realising.