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  1. Just Open a Support Ticket, the supporters will decide not the Customers. 🤪
  2. ESP : 10/10 , it works great just perfect for me. I actually only ever play with ESP and thats how i became a Diamond player easy as hell. Aimbot : 8/10, i dont really use it, but i tried it sometimes in Casual Games. Definatly worth it. But i would recommend to have a Visibility Check or something like this to be more legit. Security : 10/10, KC is doing a very good Job to provide security, love it. keep going! Instruction + Payment + Setup : 10/10, its so easy and fast, a 10 year old kid is able to set this up lol on the whole, i can only recommend it! keep going guys and happy fraggin' 🥰 greetz, Ripcurl09