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  1. That I don't know, but as of now it's down and will be for a while. There's not really an ETA either.
  2. The cheat is down: "EFT Cheat Status: DETECTED / RECODING"
  3. You'll have to link your discord account. You can find it below Account Settings -> Overview, and you'll see it there.
  4. keizh

    Apex Legends

    Do you need help with anything in relation to injecting and downloading?
  5. Don't think they will but it's possible 😄
  6. At the current time there isn't any trial versions of the cheat, you can't purchase the cheat for a week either, the only subscription is monthly and lifetime 🙂
  7. I think PayPal orders are temporarily closed. @Norton
  8. Some month ago, 1-1 1/2 months ago, there's unlimited slots as of now 🙂
  9. They have probably temporarily closed paypal orders, but I'm not quite sure. @Norton
  10. keizh

    Apex Fps

    All cheats compromise some fps but it shouldn't be halved 🙂
  11. Might been removed as of now, I did see it earlier today.
  12. Smooth or smoothness is how much of a percentage you want the aimbot to be smoothed out with, in other words the more percentage you use the more legit the aimbot gets 🙂 The higher ms you use for the "Mouse" the slower the aimbot gets since it doesn't update that often same goes with all the others, try and change them and you'll see what they do.
  13. keizh

    Apex Paypal

    Should work 🙂
  14. Yes you'll get access once you've paid.
  15. Yes there is, you'll gain access to it when you're a member 🙂