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  1. I thought I was just gonna help the admin's with this one, I hope I'm right on this one 😄 but you won't be able to refund after you've used the product you ordered. If it would be like this everyone would purchase it to use it for a bit and then just refund because of bans etc. Please do understand that you will get compensation for the latest stuff that has happened with EFT & R6S. Admin's are also willing to transfer your current subscription to another cheat if you would like, do keep in mind that they don't prioritize switching peoples subscriptions. If I'm wrong with any of this information that would be my bad, I'm just trying to help out. Also please have some patience as kernel and the other admin's are working very hard on this matter. I haven't known any of them for too long but I can surely tell that they care about their users unlike some other providers. I'm not claiming that I know very much, but if you need help with anything in regards of the cheat send me a PM and I'll try to help out. All purchasable items on are virtual, non-refundable subscriptions for our forum. Once you have logged in to, downloaded, or otherwise accessed our private software or forum areas, you have received the full value of your purchase. As all purchases on the website are for said virtual subscriptions or virtual software, no returns will be accepted, except at our discretion. Payments made are non-refundable and billed in advance. You will not receive any refund or credit to your account for partial or non-usage of the services provided. After logging in and accessing our private, paid forums, you have received the full value of your subscription and will no longer be eliigible for any refund or credit. Kind regards Keizh
  2. You know some good bangers 😄
  3. Probably because of the sway that the weapon has. Atleast that's what I would think it could be.
  4. Paying for HWID Resets could easily be abused I feel like.
  5. I didn't mean it like that but I totally understand where you come from, overwatch dev's made so against a public provider a while back. I just mean that the dev's of Battlestate might get their eyes open a little bit more and actually see what we have going on here. But yeah it might not be that big of a risk as I said.
  6. There's always a risk that a game dev might find the website and then again the detection rate might increase.
  7. Both good and bad, it'll draw much unnecessary attention.
  8. @Norton Is it possible for people outside KC to draw on the map or only members?
  9. Don't think there is anything wrong with the aimbot in labs? but in general there is still some issues that can appear if you use certain scopes or sights.
  10. Labs are just a pain if you die because of the 1/1 use with the access keycard.
  11. No one knows for sure if the stats was the reason behind the ban, but it could as well be.
  12. There's not really any other way to avoid a ban then not going too strong with the stats. That's what they would ban you for first. If your K/D is high they will probably go on that. I got my account smacked today
  13. An M4A1 is pretty nice using the aimbot, but that's only if you spray on the stomach while being close or if you have head chosen as aimspot while shooting long-range.