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  1. im planning on using revisionOS which is a custom optimized version of windows. its version 1809. am i going to be able to use kernel on this or do i have to be on newest win version? i need a answer from @KERNEL or @Norton
  2. this guid is basically enough to bypass a hwid ban from faceit (which is the best anti cheat on the market) so yes it should also work for fartnite
  3. these are common things you do for ban evading. for people who dont know how to do it and are new to this its very helpful and every provider should have a guide like this imo so thanks for sharing it here too! you dont have to use a nic for BE but you can do it if you want to make sure. if you use step 5 i would recommend to just disable the onboard lan of the mainboard in the bios before installing windows so it doesnt even load the drivers for it in the first place 🙂
  4. i was about to make a thread exactly like this. why you gotta do me like this man i agree with almost everything and this is going to bypass a ban even from a anti cheat like faceit (for faceit there would be 2 more steps actually). step 9 could be improved. you can just go into the bios before you install windows and disable onboard lan so the drivers are not even going to install/load by windows 🙂 but then again there is probably people who dont know how to use the bios oh and dont call it semi private thats kinda weird xD . technically everyone can bypass it who got a litle bit clue or a brain