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  1. Yo guys, at the request of kernel, here is a gameplay of Escape from Tarkov with the EFT Cheat, the goal was not to make a fragmovie with editing on all sides ( I m not experienced enough in editing for that haha) but well actually offer new customers to see more or less what you can do with the EFT Cheat, show how the ESP is op af. I chose this gameplay not because there is a lot of kills, to show to the new customers that with an ESP and exit positions, even without great experience, without being incredibly good, with the right moves and the knowledge of enemy gestures, we can be damn hot. Thank again kernel and all his team for the work and all the efforts they made to satisfy us ❤️. Video 1# https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVdwKfnp4EE&feature=youtu.be