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  1. it looks a bit too much complicated, isn't it? It would be a pain to do it everytime u got banned.
  2. Ye i've took some risks, I finally love the product
  3. @Norton I have been scammed by the owner of this post: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/apex-legends/321274-apex-legends-grass-terrain-texture-semi-chams.html Of course it's unrelated to you, but the reputation is over 5500. He scammed me for 60$, using bitcoins as everyone so refunds are not possible. So excuse me but I don't rly trust either a lesser popular forum than unknowncheats. I understand you would consume a lot time if you had to do it for each customer. But trust me, if it is actually working, I have several friends, including me that would pay the lifetime pack directly. If you can't do it yourself cause you're busy, it would be really really really appreciable and professionnal from you, if you could ask a current user to share his experience with me with a simple share screen or by playing a game with me.
  4. Hi buddies, Nice website, like so much others. I got scammed by approximatively 110$ today and I'm rly desperate. If you guys (the admins) had time to show a live-demo on discord, I would be a regular customer, be sure of that. Can you add me on discord?