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  1. Just unplug your old HDD install the New SSD/ and a fresh Windows with new windows key done
  2. ESP Its Simple and Working fine maybe Skeleton ESP would be cool The Head ESP is very useful and an nice feature The Corner Boxes are okay but i like the full boxes more Health ESP is Great but the Bar function is not working only text Distance ESP works good and accurate Aimbot The Aimbot works but is pretty bad in terms of accuracy there is a lot of room for improvement and I hope that it will be tackled soon to improve it (Kernel said they will working on it, I will Update this) Extract ESP Really cool function and I don't want to play without it anymore Menu I Like Menus like this they are Simple and easy to use! Injection/Setup Its Very Easy to Setup the Cheat, also Injection works fast and flawless Pricing/Payment The Price is okay in my Opinion other Providers take a lot more! Since i prefer BTC anyways i dont have/had any problems to pay Community/Staff (Not really game related) The Community and Staffs are very Helpful and not Disrespect anyone who has troubles with setup or buying the cheat, also the Staffs are Communicate a lot with there Customers if they run into Problems or leave feedback I really appreciate it! This is very rarely seen with other providers Overall For 100€ You get an Solid Working Product and i guess you can expect more features soon from the Staffs. They Showed what they can with Rainbow Six and Apex, And I know they value security and that's a good thing! Thanks For Reading! See you on the Battlefield 😉