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  1. So ive had chance to use the cheat for a while now and have seen many updates here is my honest review.I have had no issues with this so please take that inso consideration. ESP Esp is great i always know where people are, sometimes the colours glitch out and pmcs are different colours, but that isnt that bad. The distance is accurate and the Health is a great addition. 8/10 To improve i would like to see the health bar working and maybe a corpse esp as when you kill someone from longrange it can be hard to find them.Also to change the names on Extract ESP to the correct names. Aimbot I personally havent had a issue with the aimbot, always 2-3 shots someone to the head, i find its best to select the setting neck, and use a low recoil gun on semi to burst fire to kill at any distance.Since the most recent aimbot update, i have no doubt that this will only get better and better, although i wouldnt want it to progress to a point where its to obvious. 8/10 To improve i would maybe suggest sorting out the aim at 'neck' issue as i find that that is actually the head when i shoot someone and aiming at 'head' shoots just over their head. Purchase of hack Very simple and easy to buy, there is a guide to purchasing via bitcoin if you are new to that, but since i deal with btc and cryptos, it was a breeze and was ready to download right after the payment was confirmed. 10/10 Setup of cheat Very simple and easy to setup simple click of a buttonand following the instructions given when purchased. 10/10 Overall Overall this cheat is progessing fast, i would already say its going to be better, or already is better than competitors, its easy to use, very well priced,and great to see the staff and community enjoying it. 100% going to extend my subscription when i can, and would like to see maybe a refereal program or code you can give to your friends so when they purchase you get like 7 days or something added onto your current subscription. Keep going staff and happy gaming. 🙂