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  1. I m good so far i just raid 0 with new instal no ip change no new nicc 🙂 i play for 5 jours un raid on 3 days. new banwave this moring apparently .
  2. I try this with my retarded skill. So i dont change my ip (didnt know why i cant change it 😕 ) i set ou a raid 0 with my ssd fresh Windows instal . i play the game right now. hope i dont cet ban next week. i will update this if i get ban 🙂
  3. ok thx man 🙂 so i can wipe my 2 SSD i have and make raid 0 ? or i need 2 new ?
  4. what's the matter with 0 ? if i have 2 SSD with HWID ban and i make a raid 0 it will work ?