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  1. Cheat is currently being updated, they said 24-48 hours nearly 2 days ago so it should hopefully be up soon.
  2. mb didn't see the reply, yeah whenever work is being done the subscription pauses
  3. oo yeah I see it now, my guess is for security reasons they'll only do BTC for lifetime or they just haven't got around to doing that option yet. Try contacting Kernel through DM maybe
  4. You can order through PP via the purchase tab, also EFT cheat is currently down due to anti cheat and update. Should only be another day or so.
  5. Hey guys, Recently just found out about this forum and personally i've been cheating on video games probably for a good 10-15 years so far (fully fledged cheating rat here haha). Love playing EFT to bits but me being me I do like to have fun with cheats, i've seen a couple videos on it and I absolutely love whats been done with it. Just have a couple of queries I want to ask about regarding this before I purchase though. 1. How does this cheat work exactly? so for instance once you purchase the cheat how do you go about downloading / installing / injecting the cheats (if it's an injection of course) and once in game how do you manage the cheats? so is it a certain hotkey maybe or separate menu? 2. This one is a bit of a typical question but what exactly are the ban rates of this? i'm always quite skeptical when it comes to cheats and for over £100/m it boosts that mentality. Of course I know though once you start cheating mentally you know you'll be banned eventually, but are people actually able to last long periods of time without all of a sudden getting banned? like for instance as long as you don't go all out chinese rage aimbot?. Personally i'll be using just the ESP and playing "legit" (if you could call it that) would that still be a high likely hood of being banned if it's not sketchy? I know these are quite long winded questions and i'm not exactly the best at describing what questions are in mind but I hope you get the gist of what i'm trying to ask. Thank you for reading this thread!