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  1. here is a link to prepare stuff before buying ( using it ) 🙂
  2. im using it works fine no porblems at all
  3. Hey there wanted to post my honest review of the EFT cheat after around 3 weeks of using it. First things first The ESP The Currently the ESP has a few options that are: Visual Rendering Distance of the Player himself, The Team toggler , The Head box of the other Players so u see Where their Head is,The Range of the Other Players itself, The changing option of how big The Box is itself, Health bar On the Site of the Player Box. the Extract ESP to tell u where the Extracts right now are and also the Range to Them. and Lastly the Item ESP which shows u in a range that u can select what items are Laying around and what u can Loot. Pros - The Player Esp didnt let me down once so Far so i couldnt say anything about it, The Range Meter that u can Change ( ingame all the Time) Helps me Greatly on big Maps like Shorline or Woods where People can be up to a Mile away ofcurse u can change it your Taste whenever u want. -The Esp Dosent stop or has harsh times rendering sudden Movements even when People are near or farm away its Almost every time Spot on on where the Player is - All in All i would say as i said before its A really Good Esp For a Game like Tarkov same with the other Options like Extract Esp Or the Item Esp Everything Works Fine for me . Cons - Right now The only thing i would Prefer is the Options on things u can Change my idea would be somthing like seeing if people are still behind Walls cause its sometimes hard On range or on Dark background. - one thing i also really dont like is when u are using the Exctract ESP it is a highly big Green Bar that u see all the time and Takes some big chunkes of your Screen that could be free maybe give it the same Backgorund texture or just showing only The Name itself. Rating 9/10 when the Change of the ESP and the Green Bars of Doom would be Changed i would give it a 10/10. But all in all For the Esp its a Really good ESP where u arent getting disapointet from. Next thing to Talk about is The Aimbot - Right now the Aimbot has Currently options for Every body Part,radius Draw Radius,Movement Prediction,Aimkey.Smoth and now Switch - U can choose if u want to Play legit ( my Choice ) or play the Hack in it fullest (Rage) i played it till now only in The Legit form cause i think its Fairly enouth so i can only Talk about The legit Form. u have Fairly big Customisation to choose From. Pros -i used the Aimbot only since the Last week not much but i used it quite sometimes in sticky situations - as i mentiont before i only used in a legit way and for that i must say im fairly suprised the legit way that i play it works really fine i have set the Main aim Point on Neck so the kills Variate from Thorax to Head what my Recomention is for People who want to keep it legit. Cons - i cant really say anything bad About the Aimbot as i said i only used it in the Legit way and for that it worked Perfect it aimed fairly good, one thing though is the Movement Prediction that is sometimes Clunky but maybe i fucked somthing up Aimbot 9/10 Legit i would say its almost Perfect i cant say anything about The Rage Options though Sorry about that There are also a Option for no sway and no Recoil but i cant say anthing about that cause for me its under Rage Options cause that aint really Legit ^^. Now Lets go to the Overall and the Security -The Security for the Time im here is top Notch i didnt get Banned what ofcurse is the Main point of Security. - every little Patch From EFT gets looked over and the Cheat for safety Puprose if it is a Anti Cheat update taken down. - The Update Takes Some time mostly only 1 Day or 2 Depends on how big The Anti Cheat update is but i rather wait and get a Safe Product then A unfinished one. Overall -Overall the Cheat gives me a Very Good Time in EFT and For me its Highly Recommendet Product, i Would Rate it all in All a Good 9/10 Things That Could be Added - as i said above for The ESP i would Love to have a Visual Diffrence when people are still behind a wall or Not like outtakes take a Different Colour - and also as i said the Change in the Extract points so that it dosent take over potions of your screen that would be Nice - some thing to Esp that i think would be Nice even more Options to customice the Esp Settings. Sorry for my Crap English 😄 Well thats it from me i hope the Review Helps People that want to buy the Cheat or are looking for a Review before buying it . ofcurse this review is based of my experince and i hope everybody can Understand that Have a Nice Day 🙂
  4. As he said only Windows 10 newest Versions the Hack is Allways on the Same page as the Windows 10 Updates
  5. Do i also see there when its up again ? Thanks for the Link
  6. Will there be a mail when its aviable again? cause right now it says its online but it isnt as u said and do u know when i get this E-Mail where they tell me how to install it ?
  7. Well that already explains it Thank you
  8. Im sorry for asking maybe its coverd somewhere else and i didnt Find it, but i was Wondering what happens after i buy a Product(EFT Cheat) how do i actiate the cheat, do i have to downloade it and whats recommended on how to use it ( install it) Thanks in Advance 🙂