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  1. just wait xD sometimes it takes several hours
  2. you can but you need to request a hwid reset every time you change a computer
  3. yes, you will get all the things you need after payment is finished
  4. It's safe for 6+ months since release. You will get banned if you play style is not legit. This is not about only use ESP
  5. KC don't sell any spoofer but they recommand black sector solution's hwid spoofer. Yes you need a spoofer when hwid banned
  6. <30 mins you get your package automatically. There is no spoofer comes with apex/r6s.
  7. yes, just remember to run the cheat first than spoofer
  8. just buy a new account and play a match without any cheat. I assume you mean r6s, if you are not banned after 20mins, you are not HWID banned. Hwid bann for r6s usually will ban you < 10 mins in game
  9. no, you can play on borderless or windowed mode
  10. yes its working on 1903