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  1. Thanks, that is really good news. I've known other cheat providers putting their cheat down for a few days and then back up and claim it's undetected. A lot of us got banned because of it, but you have taken the cheat down for quite a while, which I would rather wait for to make sure it's undetected. Keep up the good work. Just in case you didn't know, there's a new Tarkov patch tomorrow. Not sure if it will affect the cheat in anyway, mostly it's just bug and exploit fixes.
  2. Hello, @keizh, How long have you been using the EFT cheat without a ban for and have you ever had a ban yet for this hack?
  3. @Norton, the EFT cheat is back online I see. I'm guessing all the tests are over and none of the testing accounts got banned so it's safe?
  4. Are you sure the cheat got detected and not players being banned manually by reports. etc? According to the admin the cheat has never been detected: EFT Cheat: -> Private testing until 01/2020 -> Released on KC 01/2020 UNDETECTED SINCE RELEASE
  5. Hello, Is EFT currently down for updating? If so, would it be possible to update the Cheat Status to show it' down? Also, for the ESP is it possible to have visible only or is it always showing everyone on the map?