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  1. Ah ok, makes sense! Thanks for the swift respond mate
  2. Im not totally sure abt the HWID resetting thing, would someone mind explaining me why/if/when i need to get a HWID reset?
  3. Definitly will, enjoying my stay here so far! Everyones been really helpfull
  4. I would definitly be interrested in something for warzone thats for sure!
  5. @Norton Alrighty, sounds good! How much does it require to run the Apex cheat? Will i need to get a USB drive, uninstall/change a bunch of stuff, or is it quite simple?
  6. Im willing to use both btc and cash, but i cant for the love of god buy btc anywhere.... I even tried verifying with passport etc. but with no luck. IS there anywhere i can buy btc fast with not to much effort or waiting 240days to get verified?