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I don't think you would be allowed to sell stuff here on KC unless you got admin's approval.

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Since there are multiple threads with information scattered, I figured it might help by creating a small tutorial on how to perform the glitch and max your skills.

1. Go to shoreline
2. Go to the containers in the South-east of the map.
3. Sit crouched at the edge of the water (see minute 1.17
4. Press alt + f4 or close the game via task manager
5. Restart the game, when you are loaded back in, move around the edge uncrouched while walking and once you seem to be lagging into the ground crouch/uncrouch untill you fall through the ground.
6. Keep running while falling untill your hand start to pixelate (it looks like there are shockwaves going over your hands).
7. Alt + f4 again or close the game via task manager
8. Restart the game, when you are loading back in, press and hold W when you see 'awaiting game'. Once you fully loaded in, it will look like you are walking forward. (ONLY PRESS W, do not sprint, or whatsoever).
9. Keep running for c. 6-7min. Once you stop, you will have your max skill. Do not leave the raid, as all progress will be lost (so either suicide by grenade, dehydration (condensed milk) or sit the game out).

Skills that can be maxed directly: Strength/Covert Movement/Endurance
Skills that can be maxed indirectly: Health/Memory

HF without any payment

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Selling something that is public isn't really considered private xdddddd

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