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Apex Legends Review

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Im sorry for my bad english and i cant write soo much about this because im not so good in English but what i can say is that Kernelcheats did/does a really good Job with this.

First of all the,

ESP: 9/10

The ESP is really good for an External Cheat.. It feels really smooth and you can also see the health and shield bar which is also a really nice feature.

Aimbot: 10/10

The aimbot is really unique because you can play legit and rage.. I prefer Legit because im playing many rankeds and all i can say is that i started from Bronze IV and im now Platin II without getting exposed as a cheater..And that is really good..

Security: 10/10

Hacking/cheating is a cat and mouse game this days, because Easyanticheat/Battleye/Faceit.. etc.. are really strange and  good Anticheatsystems..Buuut im playing now with this cheat over 2 Weeks without an Detection or Manuelly Ban and this is really crazy.. I mean this cheat is now over 1 year alive and got only 2 times detected and that is a masterwork from Kernel and the Team because EAC has been stronger back in the days in Apex Legends.

Keep up the great work.. I know the review could be detailed but like i wrote my english is not soo good for it.. I love it and ill be buy it again when my sub time is ending.


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